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 Vessel Chartering and Ship Agency 

Our chartering department provides professional chartering and post fixture service to vessel owners,
operators and traders.
We focus on solutions that meet the demands and requirements of each of our clients.
The main activity in the international market is maintaining a powerful chartering and brokering,
and aiming to fix the most competitive rates. Taking the advantages of the latest IT tools,
enables us to keep constant communication with the owners, charterers, brokers and traders,
about the current market trends and future market movements. Since the very first day of our company,
we have seen a tremendous activity in the Atlantic and Mediterranean.
Africa 2000 provides the highest quality chartering services to both ship-owners and charterers,
dealing with all aspects of the operation. Our team is always available to assist and cooperate
with our clients in every aspect.
Some of the commodities that we specialize in are: cement, phosphates, zircon, salt, rice,
lumber (from Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Gabon) on bulk vessels, and all other raw materials from Africa.

We focus on increasing efficiency of port activities for both owned and chartered vessels.
With the developing nature of this business, our agency is currently able to provide all types of
agency services for all types of vessels and flags.
We offer Port-in and Port-out services in Dakar, Senegal with our own staff and a stevedoring equipment.
Our professional team will provide you with the expertise and service needed to handle any type of vessel.
All our Agency services are managed by our head office, which acts as the center of the information flow and
management over the whole operation.
Having a young and professional team, who are trained in handling all types of marine vessels, will work
around the clock in order to provide the most efficient and cost effective services.
Crew change, delivery of spare parts, surveys are just few of services can be arranged by experienced
agency officers of the company in ports as well as during passage to Dakar, Senegal.

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* Crew Arrangements
* Cruise Lines Agency
* Heavy Lift and Bulk Carriers
* Liners Agency
* Navy
* Ship Management
* Stevedoring
* Tramp Agency
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