Shipping by Airfreight, Ocean Roll-On Roll-Off and Break-bulk, and Containers
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AFRICA 2000, INC. is an IATA/CNS accredited agent and licensed freight forwarder headquartered in Houston, TX, USA. Our business focuses on shipping by Airfreight, Ocean Roll-On Roll-Off and Break-bulk, and containers to Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and South America.

We offer some of the most competitive rates for the West African market, which includes countries like Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Senegal, Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, South Africa, and many others.

We are specialists when it comes to shipping commodities like oilfield supplies, valves, construction equipment and machinery, farming machinery, automobiles, trucks, trailers, household goods, used tires, used clothing, consumer electronics, and construction supplies.

Africa 2000, Inc. is known for cultivating client relations and team spirit. The professionals working for us have had years of experience in both local and foreign trade. They are the individuals behind the consistent provision of world-class, client-specific transport services, including the complete range of logistics solutions our company is able to provide.

Africa 2000, Inc. is a forward-moving company that always looks to the future. We are driven to create and develop innovative freight-forwarding solutions with a consistently exceptional level of quality. Our experts are committed to giving their very best in every single one of our services and making sure our clients across the variety of industries gain optimal results and satisfaction.

Our Team
Our team is composed of a group of friends with various specialties. We have International Master Marines, Chief Engineers, Naval Engineering Articles, and Marine Logistic experts. They bring with them the experience acquired through years in the field and the expertise that comes as a result of dealing with problems of operational, technical, and administrative nature. Consequently, they can foresee potential problems and risks and take corrective measures to prevent disasters.‎

Mission and Vision

Africa 2000 Inc. envisions itself as a dependable partner, providing solid, consistent support that helps our clients operate businesses and accomplish goals with efficiency and efficacy. It is our mission to steadily expand opportunities for the people we serve and promote a company culture that is founded upon the core values of excellence, integrity, and client-centricity.

Africa 2000 Inc. has always lived by these words: our customers are not dependent on us, we depend on them.

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