Track your shipment any time and anywhere around the world
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Africa 2000, Inc. provides the full range of freight forwarding solutions including ocean, air, warehousing, and export packing. We have a dedicated and hard-working team committed to a fast and reliable service and the best solutions for any situation.

On top of all these, our customers can take advantage of a cutting-edge program which allows them to track their shipments at any time and from anywhere around the world.

Africa 2000, Inc. offers the following services:
  • Ocean Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Warehousing
  • Export Packing

We also offer the following services:

  • Chartering/Brokerage
    In addition to home tonnage, we develop direct/exclusive cargoes from West Africa to the Mediterranean, Continent, West Africa, Black Sea, and the Middle East fixing for charterers and owners and focus on cargoes. However, we welcome all cargo options and tonnage positions.
  • Marine Supply
    We offer this high-level competition which makes the scope and coverage of a ship chandler very high. With the shipping industry now expanding to a great new level, it is quite possible to be handled by the profession of a ship chandler. We offer services to supply various food products with the help of our ship transportation and supply chain system.

Our Policy: “Best prices with offer.”

  • Best Quality of products
  • Best Delivery till on board/our staff assists crews on board to carry provision.
  • We are able to renew any products if the officer is not satisfied

Department of Operations
AFRICA 2000, INC. provides ship agency services to owners in the port of Dakar. Services include:

  • Arrangement of ship arrival/departure ‎
  • Ship’s clearance inbound/outbound ‎
  • Preparing necessary documentation for ship clearance ‎
  • Providing necessary assistance to the vessel and the crew during ship’s say in the port shipyard ‎
  • Regular information to the shipowner/manager about progress in loading/discharging prospects of completion loading/discharging etc. ‎
  • Statements of Facts, the quantity of loaded cargo, ETA, and other required information as per received instructions ‎
  • Attendance to crew members joining/leaving the vessel, hospitalization, or requiring medical care

Port Captaincy and Super Cargo
Our experienced team support vessels during their port call and assist the ship’s staff.

  • Stevedoring Supervisors
  • Cargo stowage planning and best utilization of cargo space
  • Assisting in faster turnaround of the vessel
  • Faster and accurate reporting to the Owners/Charterers on a daily basis
  • Attending vessel during her cargo loading and discharging operations
  • Assisting in coordination Owners, Shippers, charterers, and stevedores
  • Assisting vessel with stevedore damage reports
  • Assisting the vessel with Hold Cleaning and disposal of residue ashore in an environment-friendly manner

Department of Ship Management
Services include:

  • Ship Crewing

    Crewing is one of the most challenging tasks our clients may face in this business. Our HR consultants can provide you with experienced, qualified personnel in any location around the world – for long or short contracts.

  • Ships Sale and Purchase

    Our wide client base gives us the ability to fulfill and satisfy our clients’ needs – whether they are looking to buy or sell a vessel.

    Send us your requirements and we will ensure the right deal for you in a timeframe which suits your business needs.

    We are able to provide all our clients with a complete service – from making suggestions and initializing purchase/sale connections, to finalizing legal work and helping with deliveries.

  • Dry Docking Management and Technical Repair

    We are specialists in Dry docking repairs. Vessels can be inspected well in advance to provide a comprehensive dry dock specification and repair plan. The detailed dry docking specification can then be split into items, which can be completed by ship-staff, Service Engineers, and Shipyard.‎

    With a detailed dry-docking specification given to the yard, a comprehensive quotation will be obtained from three shipyards in the vicinity to choose from.

  • Voyage Repairs

    Our riding team from Turkey, India, Syria, Egypt, and Lebanon can produce good results for degusting and coating works in ballast tanks, cargo holds, upper and lower stool spaces, hatch covers, hatch coamings, main decks, cross decks, forecastle deck, poop deck, and accommodation decks.

    We can also provide voyage repairs for machinery, pipe works, steel repairs, and electrical and electronic works while the ship is in service, thereby avoiding any off-hire and losses for the Owner.

Department of Ship Inspections
Services include:

  • Worldwide pre-purchase inspections
  • Inspections for chartering or contracting
  • General shipping inspections:
    1. Insurance Warrant Survey
    2. Damage Survey
    3. Claims Representation
    4. Marine Survey
    5. Ship Classification
    6. Flag State Inspection
    7. Chartering (on-off Hire Survey)
    8. Draft and Bunker Survey
    9. Boat’s and Yacht’s Survey
    10. Cargo Condition and Shipping Container Survey
    11. Auditor Training
    12. Marine Consultancies
    13. Project Cargo and Risk Management Services
    14. Logistic Company

We are here for you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for help. You may call 281-209-2400 or send a message to